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Release Notes

1.3.1 - released 16.04.2021


  • Fixed issue that prevents dynamically creating classes in Blender v2.93 and breaks the preset functionality. {#38}

1.3.0 - released 13.11.2020

Release 1.3.0 banner


  • Added ability to add or remove Presets (snapshot of your customized atmosphere settings).
  • Added 4 presets (Earth, Mars, Nishita and Retrowave) that comes default with the addon installation.
  • Added Binary Sun (secondary sun) that can be rotated around the Sun. For more information check section Experimental Features


  • Now sun intensity stays consistent even when increasing sun radius.
  • azimuth and elevation slider sensitivity increased
  • Improve ground color accuracy. Now setting it to black will really mean it's black.


  • Fixed an issue when sun was located near horizon the sun color were washed out.

1.2.3 - released 20.08.2020


  • Fixed an issue where Toggle Meterial Fog button sometimes appears active when it isn't.
  • Fixed an issue where when disabling addon didn't delete all Sun data and left some garbage behind. {#1}
  • Fixed an issue where when rotating sun using gimbal it did a random jump. {#6}
  • Fixed an issue where when animating time using Sun Position addon gave the same frame in output. {#7}

1.2.2 - released 15.07.2020


  • Addon now has preferences to enable or disable real world physical values (by default disabled).


  • Fixed an issue where disabling addon didn't reset the exposure to defaults {#8}
  • Fixed an issue where when starting the render exposure was being reset {#11}