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Physical Starlight and Atmosphere

Blender addon for advanced environmental lighting that provides high quality atmospherics and lighting, and visual consistency between every object in your scene.

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Why use it?

  • very high dynamic range. Made to be used with tone mapping (filmic, or aces)
  • made for PBR and HDR workflow
  • consistent results - sunlight, sky and fog share the same shaders, code and parameters
  • very memory efficient, does not consume video memory - works great on integrated GPUs
  • performance - loads much quicker and renders faster than HDRI textures
  • flexibility - simulate any planetary weather conditions
  • fully procedural - can simulate unlimited number of sky conditions
  • instant results - one click away to a beautiful render
  • it's yours - free to dissect the setup, re-arrange it for your needs

How does it work?

This addon "fills" your Blender scene with air (or any gas of your liking) where density at the ground level is the highest and in the space - lowest, then a Star of your choice illuminates the air using physics laws - easy as that!

Lighting is calculated based on Rayleigh and Mie theory of light scattering through gaseous and liquid medium. Most critical part of the calculation is the fog - like in real world, it changes based on altitude of observer.

Although my work is based on physical functions and scientific research, my usual approach is to stick with what looks right. That's why there are some 'artistic' liberties taken (or manually fitted values based on reference images) to make it stand out from the crowd.