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There is no The One way to use this addon. That is why we encourage you to find the way it works best for you. Addon preferences panel is located under Edit > Preferences > Add-ons.

Toolbar Enabled

Default: true

By default, the Atmosphere tab is in the sidebar of Blender 3D viewport (N key) and "World Properties" tab in Properties panel. Setting this to false will hide the toolbar. Reveal panel by clicking on Atmosphere tab.

Toolbar Label

Default: "Atmosphere"

By default, Toolbar tab for Physical Starlight and Atmosphere is Atmosphere. It might be useful to rename it to something shorter like PSA to reduce space the tab is taking.

Use real world physical values

Default: false

By default, addon reduces atmosphere, sun and stars intensity values to get the feeling it just works, and you don't have to modify extra parameter Exposure in order to get realistic atmosphere. But very important part of this addon is having real world physical values to support visual consistency.

Experimental Features

Default: false

Enables features that may not be fully functional and tested for all cases. Current list of experimental features: