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Getting started

Physical Starlight and Atmosphere (PSA) is a Blender addon for advanced environmental lighting that provides high quality atmospherics and lighting, and visual consistency between every object in your scene. It can be installed as any other Blender addon.


Latest Physical Starlight and Atmosphere is supported by Blender 2.81+. Older versions of addon (v1.0 and v1.1) works also on Blender 2.80 .



"Physical Starlight and Atmopshere" is only available for purchase on Blendermarket or Gumroad. Get your latest version there.

  • Download the "physical-starlight-atmosphere-[version here].zip" file.
  • Open Blender.
  • Go to Edit/Preferences.
  • Choose "Add-ons" tab and press "Install..." button.
  • Locate the .zip file and press "Install Add-on".
  • You will see the newly installed add-on, enable it by checking the checkbox.
  • Wait till it registers. Voila!

First Run

  • Locate Physical Starlight and Atmosphere panel in Sidebar (also called N Panel). Click on the tab Atmosphere to reveal it.
  • Enable addon by ticking the uppermost checkbox Atmosphere.


To see the sky, you have to be in "Rendered" Viewport Shading mode (click on the 4th sphere in the list up in the right corner of 3D viewport)

First Run

What happens when addon is being enabled/disabled?

  • Default world shader node is replaced with "StarlightAtmosphere" node. When you uncheck the Physical Atmosphere checkbox, it will be set back to the default world.
  • Sun lamp Sarlight Sun is added. The Sun lamp is used as the main light source to cast shadows from the Sun. When you uncheck the Physical Atmosphere checkbox, it will be removed.


Something didn't work as expected? Check out Frequently Asked Questions.