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The Ground section offers various controls over the landscape and objects within.

Ground plane

Default: None

By default, there is no ground plane to color. To add a designated ground plane that you can color switch to Procedural and select ground color.

Surface offset

Default: 0 km

Surface vertical offset from Blender default origin. Useful for low orbit and aerial shots.


To get correct reflections for high altitude render in Eevee render engine, you need to offset the world.

Horizon offset

Default: 0

Artistic scalar that moves horizon line up or down.

Toggle material fog

Default: False

When enabled for every material adds fog that is using the same parameters as the world.


  1. Could reduce overall performance if the scene contains a lot of materials.
  2. Modifies node setup. Read more about it in the "How it works" section 👇
How it works / Troubleshooting
  1. When enabling, addon looks for every material output node, and before it inserts StarlghtAtmosphere node.
  2. On initialization each material receives custom property psa_user_modified with value 0. This means that this material is not modified by the user and the addon can freely modify this material.
  3. Material custom property psa_user_modified is set to 1 if the user deletes material or deletes link between StarlightAtmosphere and the output node.
  4. If new material is added and Toggle Material Fog is enabled, addon goes through all materials except the ones that contain custom property psa_user_modified value 1 and adds StarlightAtmosphere node and links it correctly.
  5. When disabling Material Fog, all StarlghtAtmosphere nodes and psa_user_modified custom properties are removed.
Before: After:
scene without fog scene with fog