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Physical Clouds are based on Blender noise texture and projected on the atmosphere sphere. Sphere height can be modified by Atmosphere > Scale Height parameter.



Changes scale of the cloud noise texture.


Defines how opaque clouds appear.


Defines cloud coverage minimum and maximum values.

Lighting Intensity

Defines how much sunlight affects clouds.

Self Shadowing

Amount of cloud self shadowing.

Lighting Directional Power

Sun lighting distribution power.


Cloud in-scattering.

Other Features

HDRI clouds

To add HDRI clouds:

  1. Open Shader Editor
  2. Add environment texture Add > Texture > Environment Texture
  3. Add mask Add > Converter > Map Range
  4. Link them as shown in the image below:

HDRI Clouds

Advanced usage

We encourage advanced Blender users to explore Simple Clouds in Shader Editor.

  1. Open Shader Editor
  2. Find node Simple Clouds > FBM