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Presets allow to store a snapshot of your customized atmosphere settings and return to it later or use already predefined presets provided by the addon.


Presets are introduced in v1.3.0. Till then default values were the current values of the Earth preset.

Good to know

  • You can store presets with or without azimuth and elevation properties. This allows creating 2 kinds of presets:
    • sun position based (e.g. Early morning, Foggy night, etc.)
    • atmosphere based (e.g. Titan Atmosphere, Big Sun, etc.)
  • There are 4 presets offered by addon - Earth, Mars, Nishita and Retrowave.
    • These are prefixed by · (e.g. · Mars) and always located at the bottom of the preset list.
    • If deleted, after re-enabling the addon they will be available again.
  • Whenever Blender is newly loaded or any preset gets deleted, · Earth is set as a default world.
  • Resetting sets properties to selected preset default values.

How to reset?

  • To reset single property, hover on it and press Backspace (Blender default behavior)
  • To reset section of properties to their defaults, click on the reset button in the bottom right corner of the property set (this doesn't reset azimuth and elevation).